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02 September

TRENDIN’ 127: ‘Peek-A-Boo!!’- CROP TOP


Hey all !

It almost feels like ages I didnt post about a trendin’ TREND! Fashion events and my STiLUM look book took the pie but its really never too late to know which trend and what style is buzzing on the streets or otherwise.

So just a memory refresh first. Do you remember Britney Spears midriff white top from the hit single ‘Opps I did it again’?


or if you belong to a much later era then Jennifer Grey who played a sultry Frances “Baby” Houseman in ‘Dirty Dancing’ in 1987.


Or why go so far! Our very own hindi cinema diva, Dimple Kapadia, who pulled everyones eyes out with this polka top in the flick ‘Bobby’.


Figured the commonality !?  Well its the midriff wonder that is back with a bang and our TRENDIN’ 217 this week!

Louis Vitton, Jason Wv, Alexander Wang, Herve Leger, Balenciaga, name any and it graced their runway this season ! I am talking about the wonder-lust CROP TOP!

Crop top/cropped top/belly shirt…Many names but it does one thing just perfectly!!- Make-People-DROOLLLL!! Crop top at first seems daring and quite adventurous to sport but this sassy yet classy piece of apparel is so perfect that it has even entered the board room ! Day date, night outs or work mode one can sport it with ease and you are here just to know how ! {Lucky day ;P)

What would you need :

A Crop top

-High waited maxi skirt/pants/shorts


– and may be a tummy tucker ;p

So last thing first- The Tummy Tucker!  Supporting a bare midriff  can for obvious reason raise a lot of worries that surround the waist line. I would be honest, not particularly this trend, but lot of women dress in what they think is ‘trendy’! I wouldn’t certainly refrain anyone from following a trend, but one should also accompany the ideology to try out trends that suit your body type first ! A tummy tucker wouldn’t help a few but peeps with little to worry can make full use of this for a seamless torso !

A wondrous crop top can be +1 with anything- maxi skirt/pants/shorts, fitted or loose, long or short BUT the only knack to make it look classy is to pair with something HIGH WAISTED. This will not only down play  the bare skin show but also give a body an hour glass shape, as a high waist will clinch on the waist perfectly aka Mid-riffs are typically the slimmest part on a woman’s body which means this outfit combination is more flattering than you might think. No wonder I find this trend the simplest to follow.

crop top with pantscrop top with skirt


And it goes out without saying that without CONFIDENCE even a nice pair of t-shirt and jeans would look sloppy!



And now the star of the post: CROP TOP ! Not every crop top is meant for one’s body type! Here are a few styles one can opt for:

 1. Bustier Crop Top:

My favorite kind in washed denim, it looks super hot and yummy !! {DO’S} This type will compliment a petite body the finest ! A jacket can come a bit handy for this style !


One can even go strapless ! NO strings attached 😛



2. Tee Crop Top:

Believe it or not but you alread have this in your wardrobe ! (haha, wish that happened to me every day possible) a tee crop top is nothing but your usual t-shirt cut from below (as desired) ! The simplest DIY ever ! Don’t throw away your old tee but try out now !


DSC_5915 {Hope you saw my STiLUM edition on crop top !}


3. Anti Fit Crop Top:

Well this type is something that is not on my top list of must have’s but if you do go for this one then keep in mind that loose on top means a fitted lower to go with! Ditch the flare-y maxi skirt or pants, instead go for a well fitted pair of trousers/ jeans or knee length pencil skirt to get the perfect look! A jacket can come a bit handy for this style too !



4. Turtle Neck Crop Top:

Full sleeves, half , cut or cold turtle neck crop tops look great. {DON’T} But if you’re full chested be careful of this neckline. Look for something with a crew or scoop neck.



5. Collared Crop Top:

This is again one of my fav, its sassy meets smart! The collar crop top is one I haven’t seen much but surly be all over soon. So if you be the first one to get this on the streets, you’ll probably get some brownie points for being the trend setter ;p so to speak !



5. Aztec/Tribal Crop Top:

A trend in its self, aztec print are ruling the high streets. Be it tops, lowers, bags or accessories you name it and its available. So how can a crop top give this trend a miss!




Our celebs don’t seem to get this trend enough too !











Freida Pinto, Reece Ritchie And Afshin Ghaffarin Photocall - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival






More the merrier: Complement with full/mid length maxi/pants to cover your legs (ditch the shorts or minis). The peek a boo at the midriff is more than enough.

Extra Baggage: Wear a sheer top over your crop top if you ain’t that confident or carry a jacket for emergency cover up’s 😛

Just a little: Choose a mid length crop top in order to avoid too much skin show.

Confidence: You know what I mean ! O:)


Now you thinking WHERE to buy this trend?? Click Below !






After much research on this trend, think this trend has always been part of our lives, our Indian wear !!? Those choli’s with lehenga and blouses with sari’s are in all ways a crop top !! No wonder I always say India inspires fashion and trends in many unknown ways or ‘unrealized’ ways!!

With that thought, hope you found this post helpful ! Leme know if you tried something with the crop top:)

Untill then,


xo-cq photoshop copy






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  • Richa
    9 years ago

    I just loved this post on Crop Tops... I was tired figuring out ways to wear these cute little tops all over the stores these days,... :)
    Good place to buy them is F21...they have a lot of them :)

    Keep Posting!! :D

    • Ms. Coco Queen
      9 years ago

      Oyeah ! F21 has some great options. Now that the stock is in sync with American stores, we get all the latest styles here too and crop top is one of them !
      Enjoy shopping :) xx

  • Manish Manral
    6 years ago

    Excellent collection of crop top dresses. Thanks for sharing.


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