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14 August

TRENDIN’ 102: ‘ The Deadly Fashion’ – Vol. II – SPIKES & STUDS


Hey Chicas,
As promised I am back with volume II of the Trendin’ lesson- ‘ The Deadly Fashion’
So girls here is another staple for your wardrobe- SPIKES & STUDS!
Don’t give me that weird look! It’s not the usual deep kholed eyes, fishnet stocking or spiked hair that I’m going to tell you about. This season’s spikes & stud trend is a perfect mix of the feminine and the masculine, a mix which is lethal yet subtly classic and uber fashionable, just like a Bond movie! Rolling cars, hard core action, obnoxious villain, beautiful tuxes, the hot 007 bond but the most important part, the even hotter bond lady!  Just the perfect feminine add on.
Going down fashion timeline this style trend wasn’t even a fashion in the first place, but an anti fashion urban youth street culture, emerged way back in the mid 70’s in London as an anarchic and aggressive movement. It was only when designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren merged together to open their store ‘SEX’ and personified this fashion trend that this style took main stream and got popular as what we now know as the ‘Punk fashion’. Spikes,  studs, metal, leather and military boots, all became a strong statement and synonymous with punk.
This trend has inspired movie costumes, runways and the red carpets. The latest flick, Snow White and the Huntsman’s costume designer, Colleen Atwood, has done an exquisite job with spikes and studs for the movie’s larger than life costumes. Likewise, world’s leading fashion house, Versace has joined hands with Swedish based H&M for a exclusive collection that has distinctive emphasis on spikes and studs embellishments. This trend is a favorite of Grammy award winners Rihanna and Lady Gaga and is displayed by many Hollywood celebrities on red carpets as well as in their everyday wear.
So my gorgeous, it’s time for you to display it as its time for our 3W’s: What-Who-Where of Trendin’-102
Read on ladies-

























As per my market survey, the fashion houses are loaded with studded and spiked clothes, accessories, bags and shoes especially from Christian Louboutin, Forever21 and Zara.



Do It Yourself !

Coco’s All Time Belief No.3– Possibility of creating something of your own keeps life interesting!
You can create your own studded and spiked clothes, shoes, bags etc. Just follow these simple DIY tips and you can pep up your old plain white shirt or ballerinas/heels or even that plain boring headband you have.
So gorgeous lets jazz up your boring shoes!
Things you will need:
  • Metal stud or spikes – They are easily  available from a craft shop. You can even place an order online at Studs and Punks and choose from various available options.
  • Adhesive (glue)
  • Tweezers
  • Marker Pen
  • Shoes
Step 1: Design Your Pattern
Take your shoes and mark the areas you want to place your studs/spikes on.
Step 2: Glue Your Studs
After you have figured out your patter, place glue directly on the shoe and with the help of a tweezer one by one place your stud on to the glued area.
Step 3: Let Them Dry
Let your shoes dry over night and you are ready to flaunt them! Do this with what ever you have and spice it up.
 All done for this time ! See you ladies next wednesday with Trendin’- 103
Till then miss me

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