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21 October

#StyleWalk: Wills India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014 (II)

Hey again my lovely fashion hoggers!

So it seems you all loved the first edition of the #StyleWalk @ WIFW (see here) and as promised I am back with the second edition.

So without any powwow (for a change) lets get straight to the well dressed on my list !


She really doesn’t need any introduction but its my great pleasure- Meet Malini Agarwal, India’s blogging pandit ! Loving her relaxed, fresh look to compliment those rocker heeled sneakers from Adidas.

fash walk wifw8{{ Malini Agarwal, missmalini.com }}

Meet  Tanima Kholsa. Shoes, bags or jewelry may be your weakness, how about lipsticks? Ask this fashionista and she can’t get enough of her lip colors !! Deep reds and hot pinks are her style staples at fashion week.


{{ Tanima Khosla, Cosmopolitan India }}

Meet Shyma Shetty, her bewitching tresses and spike boots caught my flash light attention!fash walk wifw

{{ Shyma Shetty, Partner at Huemn by Pranav Mishra & Shyma Shetty}}


{{ Hang in there, a fashion week attendee }}

Meet the diva behind stylista.com and a big Masaba Gupta supporter, Anjana  Sharma. Her style is surly ageless and trendy. A shirt dress, an unconventional neckpiece and her purple bangs take the cake !!fash walk wifw2

{{ Anjana Sharma, Stylista.com }}

Meet Meghna Bhalla, Ballooned brocade skirt, relaxed vest, silver cuffs and paisley sling bag is a chic India meets boho look.

fash walk wifw4

{{ Meghna Bhalla, Stylist }}

Meet Aashna Singh, her mannish shirt, print full leather leggings, see through bag and those studded oxfords put together a great monochrome ensemble. fash walk wifw7

{{ Aashna Singh, Bhane }}


{{ Buyers @ WIFW }}

Charming & everyones favorite, Meet Aaditya Walia who’s killing it in a Arjun Saluja creation. Its palazzo pants for guys too!


{{ Aaditya Walia, Vogue India }}


{{ Masaba Gupta & her hysterical A-List Fans}}

On this just for laughs picture, thats all from this season’s well dressed  @ WIFW.

But will see you soon with more on #StyleWalk at another fashionable event!

Until then,


xo-cq photoshop copy


Photographer & Writer: Sukhneet W. Gujral

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