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22 July

#STiLUM: The Smartest Accessory To Flaunt This Season- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Hey All,

With an effort to keep you all on top of the trend meter I always update you about the latest in clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags! Likewise, today I’m telling you about the trendiest accessory in town, that will not only amplify your style quotient but also accompany when you wake up, create memories, go around town and even have an office on wheels. That to all in style!

Say hello to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung launched this flagship in India few months ago where I attended the launch event {see here}. Its then and now, I’m in total awe of the gorge looking phone. 

So to complete any look, you have a nice pair of shoes, right bag, some jewellery or may be sunglasses that compliment your face. Now you have a phone by Samsung that is not just a smart phone but a fashionable accessory that truly completes your entire look of the day, everyday!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the perfect accessory to flaunt this season.

 Here’s how:


Samsung Galaxy flaunts the truest gold colour I have seen on any phone. The reflective glass adds the perfect dose of sublime bling.


The USP of this phone is its curvy body! (who doesn’t like that thanks to KimK!) For me the slim curvy edges of its screen makes it the most good looking phone in the market. And for me when it comes to fashion its all about the looks!

TG.AA.SW.23 copy

Apart from just looking good these edges work as extended screen. Lets us easily access/view the phone without even touching. So if your hands are busy and the phone is upside down-messages, calls, calendar, clock and all other details scroll on this edge screen for you. How innovative is that!

So when your hands are busy let just your eyes do the talking with this beauty 😀


As a fashion blogger my work and life is governed by what I wear, what trend I follow, where did I go, what did I eat. Pretty much every hour of my life has its pictorial depiction on the blog. So for me and I think I can say that for all the bloggers in India that taking good pictures and keeping the battery up and going is always a challenge. This phone is a spot on in both these aspects. The camera is hands down brilliant. Its like the phone knows what kind of image you looking at and gives you the perfectly optimised, ‘post photoshop’ kind quality image. Don’t believe me, look at the picture below:


Its taken from another Galaxy S6 Edge phone and involves no editing. (seriously I can do that Gita pe haath and all 😀 for this) The camera has manual settings options where you can set the white balance, focal point just like any professional DSLR camera.

And the battery! Its super charging quality charges the phone to 50% battery life in mere 10mins! Which is a blessing for any smart phone user.  It also comes with a wireless charger.

So samsung galaxy s6 is all about the beauty with brains!


Processed with Moldiv


Outfit Details:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in Gold
Shirt: Marks & Spencers
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, London
Watch: Chanel J12
Sunglasses: Koovs
DIY collar Pin: Earrings by Vajor

Belt: Sisley
Shoes: New Look on Koovs 

Hope you guys like the FashionMeetsTech kinda STiLUM edition.
I will be back soon with more on ‘Tech” fashion!

Until then,

xo-cq no background

Location: Perch Wine & Coffee Bar, Khan Market, Delhi
Photographed By: Aakanskha Arun {@aakanksha} {facebook}
Words & Styled By: Sukhneet Wadhwa

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