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31 December

STiLUM: New Year Eve Party Looks With Swarovski

It’s the last page of 2014 and I just can’t wait to pen down on the 1st of the newest 365 pages of 2015!

As I flip through 2014, twas a fabulous year and I just can’t thank enough all my followers, friends and family for their love and support! I cherish each and every chapter of 2014, Thank You!

So this being the last post of 2014, am glad its with Swarovski! Like many of you know, I have spent some glorious moments with the brand in 2014.

We all want to dress up for the last night of the year ‘that was’ and surly wish to step onto the new one in style! As its New Year’s Eve, today’s STiLUM edition is all about the party look! Not one but two looks as a special farewell adieu to dear 2014.

We all love to dress up! And we all have our favourites too! But the question of repeating that same old fav dress!? Oh my lord-haunts you much? Hence its time for wardrobe recycle!!-how to wear your same old dress again in 2015 without anyone pointing out its pre-existence in 2014.

Its no secret Kate Middleton loves wearing her dresses more than once, a surprising trait for a woman who could easily never repeat a look. So how can anyone repeat their same clothes like the royal? The trick to recycle is simple! All you need to do is, team your timeless dress with a piece from a latest trend like new accessories, shoes or different hair and make up. The looks I’ve created today with my black sheer Miss Selfridge dress are classic monochrome and boho chic.

Lets take a look-

LOOK #1: Classic Monochrome
An all black look while the monochromic white comes from the white jewellery. Black & white is timeless! You can never go wrong with classic red lips and white fine jewellery with your LBD.

_MG_1074 copy_MG_1061DSC_5470 copy_MG_1129 copyDSC_5445 copy_MG_1132 copyDSC_5509 copysmall swarovski 1DSC_5505 copyDSC_5516 copy

Jewellry Details:

Earrings: Swarovski Tonight Pierced Earrings
Watch: Swarovski By Shorouk Watch
Arm Party: Swarovski Tactic Bangle I Azalea Bracelet I Bolt Bangle
Bag: Swarovski Power Mesh Gold Evening Clutch

LOOK #2: Boho Chic

Make your same old LBD look different! Go trendy and add a dash of sophisticated Bohemia with a fringed kimono and geometric jewellery from Swarovski. Spot the difference!? 😛

_MG_5534-Edit copy_MG_5568-Edit copyDSC_5526-Edit copy_MG_5553-EditDSC_5541-Edit copy_MG_5575-Edit copy_MG_5542-Edit

Jewellry Details:

Earrings: Swarovski Belle Geometric Blue
Arm Party: Swarovski Slake Grey Bracelet I Stardust Fuchsia Bracelet I Stardust Blue Bracelet
Ring: Swarovski Vio Rings 

So which look would you like to take on first?


Wishing you all a splendid New Year’s Eve.

Until next year,

xo-cq no background

Photographed By: Kitty Kathpal
Images Edited By: Tarun Chawla
Styled & Words By: Sukhneet Wadhwa

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  • Dayle Pereira
    8 years ago

    Love the first classic look :)


  • Amit
    8 years ago

    Loved both the look and really liked the way you transformed from a classic monochrome to boho chic look with your signature twist! My fav..boho chic! :-)

  • shruti
    8 years ago

    First of all wish you a Happy New Year and a great year ahead. I just to love to read your blogs, you're looking marvelous with such a beautiful wardrobe.


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