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08 March

STiLUM: #BossLady With KAARYAH.COM {Womens Day Special}


Happy Women’s Day Readers!!


Multitasking, smart, practical- Indian woman is a Boss Lady. If she lays down her hands onto doing something it ain’t possible it wont happen. Just like Nidhi Agarwal, founder of KAARYAH.com who after pitching to 113 investors finally got funding from industry stalwarts, Ratan Tata for her brand.

KAARYAH.com is a brand of western, non-casual wear for Indian women focused on providing the best possible fit with its 18 sizes. The portal is all about full filling the needs of the Lady boss of today. There focus on 18 size options as oppose to limited 6 in other brands, comfort and variety, makes it a one stop shop!

It was KAARYAH’s latest collection which inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try out a strong, androgynous avatar! I think it times beautifully in celebration of womenhood on Women’s Day.



As it’s International Woman’s day I felt like penning down a few thoughts running my mind! We are strong headed and determined, yet unflinchingly we succumb to situations and attitudes that compromise our own well being. Its time to undo some…

Squad Goals:


Today we all will send whatsapp messages and update Facebook status to wish our own species a Happy Women’s Day. But don’t you often feel the lack of oneness between us. Its time women stop criticising, blaming, dejecting its own kind. Stop competing but start helping each other. If men hit more on your friend, don’t be jealous, but protect her. If her boyfriend gives more surprises than yours then be happy for her. If you had a fight with your girlfriend, be the bigger person and patch up. Be there for your own kind. And for God’s sake stop spreading rumours!!

Last Judgement:


30 and unmarried, plunging necklines and cup size D, men and wine! I don’t know if people will ever stop judging but at least we can stop ourselves from being affected. A lady boss is confident of who she is and what she is made of. She is not made of people’s judgment and thoughts for sure. Give judgmental heads some sh*t back. Only insecure and under confident people gain superiority high by judging others.

Choices Are Not Optional:


Mother, daughter, sister and all the in-laws suffixed to it. Keeping everyone happy and first thinking about others is like vaccinated into our bodies at birth. We unknowing seek happiness in keeping others happy. Our grand mothers taught our mothers and our mothers passed this to us. I am not saying this is wrong but is it really possible and necessary to please everyone at the same time?
We are always in row to please others but do you know who is the easiest person to please- YOURSELF! Choose your happiness too. Choose your happiness first. You won’t be called greedy, selfish and none is gonna take the best mom/wife/daughter tag away from you. Always remember a happy person is more giving.

Voice For What’s Yours In A Relationship: 


If you need something just ask for it. If you need more love in your relationship- ask for it, if you need more care- ask for it, if you need more sex- ask for it! Where patience is a virtue of a women, waiting is certainly ain’t one of them. Who gave man the right to say no? Voice your needs.



Outfit Details: 

Jacket: KAARYAH.com {Shop Here}
Shirt: KAARYAH.com {Shop Here}
Trousers: KAARYAH.com {Shop Here}


Shop great western wear in Indian silhouettes from KAARYAH.com and find the strong #LadyBoss in you.

It’s a “Happy Women’s” Day right!? Happy women is not a myth!
I am my own boss. Are You?

Until then,
xo-cq no background


Photographed By: Krishna Angira Photography
Make Up & Hair By: Sakshi Sethi
Words & Styled By: Sukhneet Wadhwa


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  • shagun
    7 years ago

    Hey Sukhneet! The post is beautifully written. Your pictures are extremely subtle-sexy. The clothes are put up so well together. Reminded me of Angelina Jolie's YSL campaign last year. Happy Women's Day and more power to you! Much love, Shagun

    7 years ago

    Nice pictures and blog..

  • Ash
    6 years ago

    Great! Thanks For Sharing!


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