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27 May

#DesignerTalk: Please Have A Seat With Mrinalini Chandra


DSC_1363 small

Demure yet a spark of individualism. Strong yet a blush of innocence. When simplicity meets vision. Mrinalini’s designs speak about her, designs that whang a strong reflection about her! Like no soul is alike, may be thats how her collection finds its unique personality!

Who doesn’t remember that grand site of the lady clad in a red sari walking down the runway with never forgetting- mod struck kaliraas. Her success story swept the Lakme Fashion Week and echoed till Wills Fashion Week. She regards her success to her favourite friends. “They gave vision to my designs”, proclaims the always smiling, nawabi girl with pretty big eyes at her Mumbai adobe where I met her few weeks back.

Be it everyones’s fav designer, Nikhil Thampi, Harpers Bazaar Bride’s fashion editor Mohit Rai, Designer Yogi who brought childhood memories back with his pac man collection and Wardrobist’s very own Aastha Sharma, they wear Mrinalini€™s heart on their sleevs in support of her collection and her, all the time. “My heart brooches are never enough in stock because these guys always wanna wear them and I end up giving it away to people.”

Of all the talking we did she is surly her friends over protected love child and a designer with a golden future. So lets take a seat and explore the beautiful designs & life of Mrinalini with me!

You always wanted to design jewellery¦.

“I never wanted to pursue jewellery, I was in denial but friends, family, teachers literally pushed me into it and now my friends laugh at me. After graduating from NIFT {Delhi} in accessory design, I even did my masters in jewellery from Richemont, Milan. I think 20 is a lucky number for me. Only 20 students around the globe are selected each year for Richemont’s prestigious course and I was the only student with 100% scholarship!!

Post Richemont I interned in Mont Blanc, my most favourite experience. I was taken onboard for a special project to re-design 5 old pens that are part of the ‘Cabinet Of Curiosity’, a Mont Blanc museum. I always wanted a brand of my own hence thats how my label Mrinalini Chandra happened after my internship.”



So if it wasn’t jewellery then what¦.

“A writer! Writing jokes and funny books. I write poetry too.”


Chairs and jewelry!? That’s one of a kind combination!….

“My visit to the Louvre museum in Paris resulted in what we now know as the Please have a seat collection. One of their exhibit was about  different kinds of chairs. Chairs which you could look but not sit on! I was so in love with the idea that I throve my inspirations for this collection. If I really like something I like to wear it.

Untitled-3smallDSC_1245 small


Your fav piece from your collection…

“I love this vest coat inspired piece and of course the kaliraas. My jewelry is all hand crafted in Lucknow.  It takes long hard working hours to make one piece, made of a special metal which is a mixture of 7 melts like silver, gold, brass etc so they never go bad and are great on your skin hence a perfect option for everyday wear.”



So your next collection too will be motif based€¦.

There is so much pressure for the new collection! I didn’t imagine even 2% of the  raving reviews and appreciation I got for Please Have A Seat. I think some of my pieces were more armonial but the next collection will be more romantic for sure.

mrinilini small


Looking at that vest coat and some other pieces your collection looks like a garment to me I mean like garment made out go jewellery instead of cloth material…..

{Smiles} I believe in no boundaries. And there is this principle- form follow function or function follow form. So first you design then look for functionality. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t but its worth giving a shot!

 DSC_1342 small{Look closely, each petal is actually a chair back}


Please have a seat!…

“The name of my collection has given me many laughable moments. After the show a journalist asked me whats the name of your collection. I said please have a seat and she goes- no no maam thank you I am in a hurry! {laughs}”

DSC_1371 smallProcessed with Moldiv

It was lovely meeting her.. Talking talking I almost got late for my next meeting!

All the best Mrinalini !!

Eagerly looking forward to her next collection! Are you?

Until then,


xo-cq no background



Photographed By: Mrinalini Chandra & Sukhneet!

Written By: Sukhneet Wadhwa

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