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01 November

#HeByHer: Men’s Fashion From The Perspective Of A Woman! {Launch Post}


All the gentleBoys & gentleMen, it’s time to return the favour. Don’t you appreciate when your girl dresses up especially for you! Now the ball is in your court. I am so stoked and happy to finally be able to head start the newest category on Ms. Coco Queen blog- HeByHer.

HeByHer is all about men’s style and fashion from a perspective of a woman! A pre-set fashion bible for men to know what exactly needs to be done to woo the lady. Fashion-Food-Fitness are all the other F’s that you may not understand but certainly know that it makes your charming lady kick! Real style advice for real guys or lets just say for anyone who has the love for dressing up!

I did a small men style blog post way back last year with the same objective. But since then my focus on my personal style section, beauty, food etc took all my time. More importantly I was looking for that one person who would let me style him without much grumbling. 😛

With pride and happy tears ;p I introduce the face of HeByHer (Drum rollingggg)- KAVEE SINGH GUJRAL! I must say that turbaned celebrity personalities like Waris Ahluwalia, Indian American designer and actor based in New York City and Pardeep Singh Bahra, founder of Singh Street Style Blog, have inspired me to make this turbaned hottie as my muse. Its like the water was following right next to me but I was looking for the well far far away. This 6’3”, broad build, brown eyed fitness freak is all I need for HebyHer and life (peeps who know me closely know what I mean ;P) So you are gonna see a lot of him now :)

Okay gentle-gender before every look on HeByHer blog post I will tell you some things that are down right unavoidable in the effort to look good and be her dream man. I like to call them ‘The Fashion Comic-Cons’. Today I treat you with three-

1. Iron Man: Going to the mall for shopping with her and you think its okay to wear an un-ironed t-shirt!? Iron your clothes every time you pull a garment out of your wardrobe. Un-ironed clothes speak how lazy you are and ladies surly don’t like lazy guys!

2. Super Man: Imagine an ill fitted red (over)wear on a super man, how super will he actually look?
Know your fit. Every medium is not medium for every brand, try the try room and get the right fit. Women like it lean not loose!

3. He Man: He-Man may not wear too many clothes but he still has that one weapon that puts him apart. No matter how simple you are dressed always add that one touch of style. May be a lapel pin on your office coat or fun socks with white shirt and blue jeans. Minimal gets maximum with just one element. Gain her attention with that one stylist touch. She will appreciate your attention to detail!

As today is the first post I have kept things simple yet statement making. A semi casual look that works super well for a date night in HKV or a club night at RSVP!

An aztec print tee with grey casual jacket and ripped jeans.
The aztec print and ripped look adds that perfect touch of style. Its very important to have a blazer that fits your perfectly. Its always better not to buy a blazer instead of buying one thinking ‘oh I will lose 2-3 kilos in the coming weeks’. The colour grey looks super dapper outside the board room too. Grey is a casual staple for people who like to keep it stylist and think beyond blue and black. 50 Shades Of Grey!?

Take a look:

kavee2smkavee1sm copyDSC_4474 copyDSC_4498 copykavee4sm copyDSC_4534 copyDSC_4494 copykavee3sm copykavee5sm copy

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Top Man
T-shirt: Primark
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Vintage Seiko 
Shoes: Timberlake Loafers

Shot in the beautiful city of London, hope you like the initiative!

Do lemme know if there is anything that you would like to know/see in HeByHer!

Until next time 😀


xo-cq no background

Photographed By: Sukhneet Wadhwa
Styled & Words: Sukhneet Wadhwa

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  • shimply
    7 years ago

    That's really a cool collection of the pics and sounds more cool as its from woman perspective, what i like most here is picture number 3, a nice cut in this wonderful denim. Overall the attire is perfectly fit and designed, love it.

  • Shivendra
    5 years ago

    I just love the blazer and its color. In fact, I already have one like this. I use it to wear to office as formal wear. Believe me it suits on formal leather shoes and gives me a perfect formal look.


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