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02 December

5 Bra Wishes That Every Girl Wants To Fulfil

Heylo ladies,

Did you ever wish to have a Fairy Bra Mother who listened to all your bra related issues and fulfilled all your vi-BRA-nt wishes this winter season?

Processed with VSCO

Here is a list of 5 bra wishes that Enamor, The Fairy Bra Mother can fulfil!

Wish No.1- I need a God sent Fairy Bra Mother!

We girls go through so much while growing up! Where some cannot wait to try on a bra, some find their first bra wearing experience super awkward! But in both the cases one needs to understand the importance of knowing the right size of ones bra. And Enamor Fairly Bra mother is here at your rescue! Enamor leaves no stone unturned to help you figure out your correct bra size and the perfect fit. It devotes special time and care to help educate Indian women how to measure themselves and tricks to know that perfect fit through tutorials and journals.

{Enamor’s Size Does Matter Campaign}

Wish No.2- Can I have a bra so comfortable that it feels like wearing nothing at all??


Every girl in her bra-calender has wished if is she could step out of the house without wear a bra! Those poking wires and itchy straps just adds up to the already hectic day. Thats why I personally love and recommend the all new bustier style bra from Enamor’s A/W’16 collection. The fit is so amazing that the wires don’t poke you, straps are sleek and comfortable and the floral print just doesn’t even make it look like a conventional bra! Great for a beach bum!

Processed with VSCO{Shop This Style Here}

Wish No.3- Please make big sizes fashionable & loveable!

Why should 32B have all the fun? Why should 38D succumb to boring styles? At Enamor there is something from everyone and every size!
Enamor lingerie comes for sizes 30A to 42DD! Where most brands miss out on variety for bigger sizes, Enamor’s wide range of styles in big sizes will leave you spell bound, because you know what, Size Does Matter! I particularly love this front cage bra in electric blue from Enamor’s latest collection. The dual colour and thin straps in front will make low necks even hotter!

{Shop This Style Here}

Wish No. 4- Will he love them at first sight on the first night?


For every girl her wedding night is ultra special! And Enamor is taking care of all such special occasions with its Winter collection! From beautiful lingerie for your big and gorgeous wedding day to fancy baby dolls for the night that follows. Enamor latest collection is here to makes sure that ‘he’ gets all the surprises and doesn’t take his eyes off you. This one from the A/W collection has sparkly Swarovski crystals on it.fullsizerender-2{Shop This Style Here}
Processed with VSCO{Shop This Style Here}

Wish No. 5- My favourite bra should never goes out of shape or stock!


Okay lets face this, we all have a favourite bra amongst the pile of bras we have in our drawer. That one special bra you always want to wear! And its a nightmare when they start to loose shape, straps begin to loosen up and to the horror that bra style gets discontinued or is out of stock!!
Fear not because where most other brand’s bras live for approx. 6 months, Enamor bra’s when taken good care of last upto 12 to 16 months! There technical know-how and fitting expertise make sure that your favourite bra stays with you for a long time.

Enamor’s A/W’16 is all you need to get your style and confidence quotient braced up this season.  After all….

Do visit Enamor’s blog for more details on the latest collection!
Hope the Enamor Fairy Bra Mother fulfilled all your vi-bra-nt wishes!

Until then,
xo-cq no background

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  • zene
    5 years ago

    indeed this wish is normally for all girls to have that perfect gift in our body


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