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26 December

The Secret To Anti Ageing Is Here!


They say old is gold but early signs of ageing! Certainly not a golden moment to reckon.

Research has it, we can no longer look upto our mothers and grandmothers for that flawless skin. Today’s accelerated world has not only made our lives move faster but also cause our skin to age sooner. Where big 30 was the number to start taking care of your skin, the new age ‘ageing’ number is 25!

So why are we ageing so early and what can one we do to reverse its effect?

After much research I found out that there are five external but main causes of early ageing:

  1. The Food We Eat- Food has to be the most misunderstood factor when it comes to causes of ageing. There are foods that help retain a younger body and those that cause us to age faster. Junk, sugars, alcohol, coffee, processed foods, meats and low in fresh fruits and vegetables diet creates a bodily environment which is not youth friendly. Food also causes organ inflammation. Refined sugar, white flour, and even excessive dairy products, cause organ inflammation and contributes to the ageing process. Apart from this, our bodies do not process foods that are not in their natural form very well, hence organic foods do great.

  2. The Stress We Take- Stressful life is another major cause of ageing. A worried face not only has facial wrinkles but also affects our energy level which keeps us away from a active life with physical exercise or exertion.
  3. The Pollution We Face- Metro dwellers live in a gas chamber and are well aware of the ever rising pollution levels. Our skin, unfortunately, is a point of entry for substances capable of causing harm. Hence the rising pollution level has made our skin age sooner.
  4. Lack of Sleep- Late night party or working in late, dullness and dark circles are visible side affects. Hence a prolonged lifestyle that includes insufficient sleep causes permanent damage that leads to early ageing.
  5. Sun’s UV Rays- Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles. Age spots and other forms of discolouration can be seriously exacerbated by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

So what can be the easiest way to cure these causes of ageing, that too without altering our lifestyles much?
Himalaya Personal care recently launched a personal care range with anti-ageing formulation called the Himalaya Youth Eternity.

Based on Plant Stem Cell Research and exotic herbal actives. Found in the Alps in Europe, Edelweiss plant stem cells are power packed with antioxidants and herbal actives like Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle and Cipadessa regulate youth genes and work with innate Skin Cell Matrix, responsible for the anti-ageing mechanism of your skin.

There are three variants-

Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream: Its light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing. With SPF 15, the powerful blend of botanical extracts claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. What I like best about the cream is its moisture rich formula which leaves my skin supple and highly hydrated. It smells divine and keeps my skin feeling soft for many hours of the day. Comes in three packs- 10ml, 20ml, and 50ml. One can buy the 10ml pack to give this cream a try.

Himalaya Youth Eternity Night cream: During the launch of this range, celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Harshita explained how important a night care regime is for our skin and body. Firstly, one must remove make up and clean skin before retiring to bed which should be followed by a power pack night care cream like the Himalaya youth eternity night cream. The cream smoothens the skin and evens skin tone. Works on skin elasticity and hydration. Comes in a pack size of 50ml at Rs. 465/-.

Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream: Antioxidants in this cream helps treat puffy, morning eyes. It claims to visibly reduce under eye pigmentation and dark circles in just 4 weeks. The highlight of this cream for me was how it makes my eyes look brighter along with instant hydration. I always find under eye creams getting into my eyes after application due to its texture, which causes irrigation. The consistency of the this cream doesn’t let that happen.  Comes in a pack of 15ml for Rs. 490/-


We all make daily choices that either help or hinder the aging process. Himalaya Youth Eternity range is the simplest solution that will help us curb the early ageing process. Try today for years of flawless youthfulness.

Until then,

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Photography: Krishna Angira
Hair & Make up: Ozone Salon, Green Park
Story: Sukhneet Wadhwa


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  • Vinay
    5 years ago

    These pictures are so beautiful di! So beautifully conceptualised!


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