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19 June

Model Talk With Arshia Ahuja


I saw her walk the ramp at the Will India Fashion Week, met her through a common friend and now in conversation with top model and face of Garnier- ARSHIA AHUJA.

Time: 04pm- Date: 28.May.2012- Location: Coffee Bean @ Select Citywalk

Breaking the notion that models are dumb, I am here with a model known for her striking grudge and not so sweetened  poses. She’s been the cover face of fab mags like Marie Claire, Grazia, Maxim and many designers, BUT today she’s  just Arshia- Arshia Ahuja.

arshia cover pic


CQ- So Arshia, tell me about yourself. Where you come from, your edu background, how did modeling happen?..

A-  My dad is in the army so I have basically done my schooling all over India. You know when 12 grade gets over you get this 3 months off before joining your college so it was then my dad suggested me to join the grooming classes at Elite modeling agency (now ELAN) .


CQ- What !? (with a surprised pause) your dad told you to join Elite ??

A- Yaa ! since my childhood everybody in the family use to tell me to be a model when I grow up and somewhere even I wanted to but didn’t know how to so thats where Elite came in handy. I never could place my self in the beauty pageant league, probably because I don’t believe in world peace !! (laughs- including me !)


CQ- So that means you started modeling at a embryonic age of 17-18. Tell us about your first assignment.

A- So after the course at Elite got over I came back to Delhi after an year and was staying with my aunt. I sent my pictures to Marie Claire and got my first photo shoot and I was so freaking happy ! So thats how my first shoot happened.


arshia first shoot

Arshia’s first ever shoot. (Image courtesy: elitemodelsindia.com)


CQ- You have worked with many top notch magazines but choose one & why:

  • Vogue
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Elle

A- (Thinking-Confused-Got it!) Mmmm… Harper’s because I have worked more with them ! 😛 NO ! now that you have put me in thought, I’d say ELLE because I think Elle has better fashion when it comes to their shoots and all.


CQ- Favorite stylist?

A- (Without taking any extra seconds) Nikhil D. He use to work with Marie Claire but is now freelancing. He is not a ‘Bollywood’ stylist, loose clothes-lazy atmosphere-very european in his approach, and I love that.

nikhil d and arshia

Nikhil D. (Image courtesy: wearabout and borderandfall)


CQ-  Models are like skinny thin, so if I ask you ‘how to loose weight in 30 days?’

A- I dont know ! I am still trying !! (haha…) but crazy workout like just cycling can too show amazing results. I use to cycle 13kms everyday  at a stretch and it showed me amazing results, I dropped quite a few inches.


CQ- Every girl has a lazy girl problem…like for me, when am back home after a hectic schedule or party its very difficult to remove make up before sleeping  ! Whats your lazy girl problem?

A- (Giggling)…you have touched a very sensitive issue. At times I am sooo lazy that if I am working on my computer and suddenly  feel hot and need the fan desperately, I would still wait for someone to cross by and switch it on for me. Even worse, on sundays or days off I stock up all my munching snacks on my bed side so that I don’t have to get up and step down from my bed for any reasons beside natural :P.


CQ- And I thought no one was worse than me in this aspect !! 😛 So A, beauty product you swear by?

A- When it comes to beauty products, I am not a experimental person. So if I like a foundation, I will stick by it till the time they stop making it !! I basically use a L’oreal foundation and M.A.C lipsticks for regular day/night out.


CQ- Wills India Fashion Week OR Lakme Fashion Week?

A- I shouldn’t choose any because they both pay me money !!!! 😀 Its a total different market, Bombay is more Bollywood centric. Where as Wills is a much bigger event, more buyers, more designers. Wills sees more fashion and Lakme sees more celebs.

And now she walks for Ms Coco Queen 😀 (y)



CQ- I think Lakme is more fun and Wills more serious !! Fashion serious! Ok so coming on to the fun part of our conversation. I will say few common phrases and you have to tell me what do people actually mean when they use these phrases!


CQ- I’m looking so fat!!

A- I am fishing for complements.


CQ- We have become BFF’s

A- Ooo they are never best friends, worse than enemies.


CQ- I am on a strict and healthy diet.

A- OoOO they are certainly on a strict diet when they say so but  just on leaves, water and smoke.


Expressionist Arshia Ahuja.

arshia final 1



CQ- What’s next? Becoming a Victoria Secret Angel or a Bollywood actress ?

A- Next for me is becoming a dog breeder! But if I choose from your options, I’d say Victoria Secret Angel and get lot of money just by walking the ramp. Acting is a far more talented task!


CQ- Arshia on runway or Arshia on cover?

A- BOTH! :)


CQ- Deep sea diving or Sky diving?

A- Sky diving for sure!


CQ- One thing people don’t know about you ‘Arshia Ahuja’?

A- People think am very cold, and I think I am but not because of any tantrums but because I don’t need to be friendly with everyone, simply because I don’t believe in ‘I am friendly, but I don’t like you’ kind a thing. If I genuinely like them I’ll be friendly. I don’t need to please everyone in this industry. Also when I was in school people use to say I am UGLY !- Braces, short hair, convent school, nerd, no boys. 😛


So it seemed, my questions would never end but Arshia’s time did ! catching up her friends over din-din was next on her Delhi to-do list. Thank you Arshia for all your time !! Lovely meeting you. (though we met again before she left for Mumbai for some candid pictures from Coco’s cam, thats why you may spot costa coffee somewhere.)

And with that  guileless smile of her’s, here’s wishing Arshia bestest luck for future endeavors.




Are you with me on breaking the generalized notions attached to this industry!? Hope you like this chapter of a tete-a-tete with Arshia.

Leaving you with that thought. See ya soon…

Till then,


xo-cq photoshop copy









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