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28 April

STiLUM: The Roaring Maxi !

Online shopping has become more fun than ever. And I have suddenly got a hang of it as it seems. Take a look at my latest find…

06 April

STiLUM: Pinky POP Cropy TOP !

Yohoo! summers are here Bye bye to 10 layers of clothing and hello to colour pop shorts and tank tops *DancinG*.

03 June

STiLUM- HKV On A Sunday !

When you think of sundays outside your adobe you think of brunches/lunches either at flamboyant Leela Hotel, calm Khan Market or bubbling Haus Khas Village and Elma’s gave me all the toothsome reasons to re visit them again. Well thats how my first outdoor shoot happened! White being my loved summer color had be part of this look along with my new panther coral scarf which I bought, believe-it-or-not for Rs. 250 ONLY ! :p ….Comfy jeggings make a obvious…