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30 July

Sabyasachi For India Couture Week 2015: Collection And Review

Sabyasachi Mukherjee For Amazon India Couture Week 2015

“What you seek is seeking you”
                                       ~ Rumi

These golden words awaited me as I sat for Sabyasachi’s show last night at Amazon India Couture Week. He named this collection Bater. Bater is name of a bird, endangered in India.

First things first…O.M.G. how many people came to see this show!!? The wait was endless as the show started 50 mins late..errr…and I believe everyone was sitting on just one cheek…err!! I wish they allotted media seating a little bigger stand to acommodate at least two cheeks 😛

The set impressions were old & creepy. Tall windows of a old building crowded with torn fabric. The show started with men’s wear in abundance. His signature sequin work on men stoles with nehru jackets & kurta in hues of black & beige.

Sabya’s muse this season is bold, frigid, clawed and certainly unapologetic. Powerful attires in black, beige and deep emerald guarded the ramp. Christian Louboutin’s shoes were like swords with gaspingly high heels for Sabya’s untamed lady. The bags were held like shields with sharp spikes and the signature animal buckle.

Sabya ditched his clinched at waist with a belt look and floored me with his capes and jackets on practically every ensemble that walked the ramp. The jewellery too took a back seat. It was the bold eye make up with extremely heavy eye lashes that didn’t flutter even a lil as the models portrayed the collection with so much stance. I still wonder how they walked in those heels!

Sigh of respite were few piece in deep red that came towards the end of the show. Pieces with rough fringes on one side of the shoulder were truly mesmerising.

All in all no one can hate a Sabya collection. Some pieces were out of sheer brilliance though I would say I lost interest somewhere in the middle of the show thanks to the red that brought it back. But better lights during the show would have helped the details take center stage. The show ended with a stroll by Sabyasachi Mukherji & Mr. Louboutin on the tunes of Jeena Yaha, Marna Yaha Iskey Siwa Jana Kaha.

Ok now you can take a look at the images. Don’t forget to notice the men’s shoes as well!!

ICW2015_Sabhya_00021ICW2015_Sabhya_00012ICW2015_Sabhya_00009ICW2015_Sabhya_00019ICW2015_Sabhya_00020ICW2015_Sabhya_00005ICW2015_Sabhya_00006ICW2015_Sabhya_00025-2ICW2015_Sabhya_00026ICW2015_Sabhya_00030ICW2015_Sabhya_00036ICW2015_Sabhya_00035ICW2015_Sabhya_00015ICW2015_Sabhya_00032ICW2015_Sabhya_00042ICW2015_Sabhya_00041ICW2015_Sabhya_00047ICW2015_Sabhya_00052ICW2015_Sabhya_00053ICW2015_Sabhya_00037ICW2015_Sabhya_00039ICW2015_Sabhya_00125ICW2015_Sabhya_00062ICW2015_Sabhya_00067ICW2015_Sabhya_00068ICW2015_Sabhya_00069-1 (dragged)ICW2015_Sabhya_00072ICW2015_Sabhya_00073ICW2015_Sabhya_00076ICW2015_Sabhya_00108ICW2015_Sabhya_00101ICW2015_Sabhya_00102ICW2015_Sabhya_00112ICW2015_Sabhya_00120ICW2015_Sabhya_00007ICW2015_Sabhya_00121ICW2015_Sabhya_00068ICW2015_Sabhya_00102ICW2015_Sabhya_00072ICW2015_Sabhya_00073ICW2015_Sabhya_00076ICW2015_Sabhya_00120ICW2015_Sabhya_00155ICW2015_Sabhya_00112ICW2015_Sabhya_00138ICW2015_Sabhya_00130ICW2015_Sabhya_00127ICW2015_Sabhya_00131ICW2015_Sabhya_00126ICW2015_Sabhya_00133ICW2015_Sabhya_00149ICW2015_Sabhya_00151ICW2015_Sabhya_00164ICW2015_Sabhya_00162


Thank you Tarun for the wonderful pictures !! I also did live feed of the show on Snapchat. Watch live videos and live the experience! Add me at @mscocoqueen.

Until next time,

xo-cq no background




Photographed By: Tarun Chawla {Facebook}
Reviewed By: Sukhneet Wadhwa

*Use of these images without consent will be a copywriter infringement. So please don’t try! :) Thanks.

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  • Sonam Naidu
    8 years ago

    Once again Sabyasachi doesn't fail to seize all of our hearts and boggle us out of our god damn minds with an iconic collection and collaboration with Louboutin! Loved his inspiration behind the line; creepy, empowering and glamorous.

    Xo. www.sonamnaiducreative.com


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