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15 April

One thing I Always Have In My Bag & Has Changed My Life!

Hey you guys!

Summers in Delhi have kicked in and how!

The sun is shinning at 42 degrees bright yet life goes on, be it shooting in this heat, travelling, attending events, meetings or working out!

For most of us (girls) our hand bag is a home away from home. Wherever we go it comes with us. And supplies like mobile charger, vanity kit, quick snack, stationery (list is endless) are always present in our bags. Moreover we have a different bag for different requirement and occasion. Like an office bag cannot be taken to the gym or a beach bag cannot be confused with a makeup bag! And the contents of one bag may or may not match the other. But there is one specific item that you will find in any and every bag of mine. Office, gym, makeup or the beach I cannot move out without it. It has changed my life on the go. Can you guess what it is?


Himalaya Moisturising Facial Wipes.
Hold on they are not just any wipes or baby wipes. They are Himalaya’s newest range of moisture rich facial wipes meant specifically for your facial needs on the go! They come in two variants- Aloe Vera & Neem.

They are soft, non alcoholic, travel friendly, paraben free and works on all skin types. Where the Aloe Vera variant instantly cleanses and refreshes the skin while helping to maintain skin moisture, neem facial wipes combats acne and prevents pimples/blemishes and purifies the skin.

Both come in two sizes – 10 wipes and 25 wipes.

Here is a sneak peek of what is in my bags and how these wipes are indespensible on the go!

My Office Bag:

I always keep the Himalaya Facial wipes with aloe vera handy in my office bag.
When I get too exhausted and sleepy during long working hours, Himalaya Facial Wipes come to my rescue.
I wipe my face or leave it for a bit over my strained eyes. It’s refreshing fragrance and cool gentle effect instantly refreshes my skin and make me look & feel fresh again. This little trick has helped me cut down on my caffeine intake too!

Thats not all, I sometimes use these wonder wipes to clean my dirty phone, laptop or tablet screens!

My Workout Bag:

No matter how exhausted am after office, an hour without workout doesn’t make my day feel complete. I love going out for a quick run or hitting the gym. But did you know the sweat during workout causes acne and other skin infections? Yes, it’s true. It’s because our workout environment is loaded with dust, germs and sweat of gym colleagues that we are in contact with it throughout our workout.

Think of your own gym towel that you use to clean your sweat which falls off on the floor or hung on dirty gym equipment. All this causes germs to enter through open pores. Hence I use Himalaya’s refreshing and always new facial wipes instead. A small pack that I carry to my gym and fits easily in my pocket. I carry the neem variant in my gym bag. I also use one to wipe my yoga mat and clean those used and sweaty gym equipments.

My Makeup Bag:

On the go, from one party to another, want to refresh your makeup but too lazy for touch ups?
Fret not! Because Himalaya Facial Wipes are your saviour.

Many a times, I just pat the wipes gently on my skin and the moisture of the wipes makes my makeup look fresh again! And sometimes while touching up in the car a nasty, bumpy speed breaker just spoils everything! So for that reason I make sure a pack of these facial wipes are always present in my makeup bag.

Moreover, after a long night out I get super lazy to remove my makeup but these wipes are a shortcut to removing makeup easily and effectively without a makeup remover and without much of an effort. It cleans and simultaneously moisturises my skin.

One very useful trick to tame flyaway hair- gently swipe a Himalaya facial wipe on your flyaway hair and tame those rowdy strands.

My Beach Bag:

I love the beaches, its vibe and good times. But what I don’t like is the sunburn, sweat and mud, practically everywhere! I always make sure I keep my Himalaya wipes handy during beachy days. The aloe vera in the wipe helps me cool down my skin and refreshen it instantly!

My Travel Bag:

Himalaya Facial Wipes are a must while travelling. On the road or mid air, hiking or trekking, suntan or salty hands – these wipes are your best friend. One wipe and they can give you clean, supple face even when you can’t find water.

You don’t need to carry multiple products while travelling because these wipes will be your face cleaner, toner, moisturiser and hand sanitiser.
Well, more space for shopping in my travel bag! 😀


Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
I love Himalaya products not only are they effective but so pocket friendly.
You can order these wipes here :)

Until then,
xo-cq no background





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