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13 February

Meet Sona (BVLGARI-India Story Part II)


She longs to redefine her beauty..
Power is what she seeks.
She is fire yet quenched by judgment.
Her courage is her archery.
She is you, she is me.
Her name..Sona…

My second BVLGARI-India lady!

Sona Floral BW



Once a girl next door, she found herself in people’s converse…

Soon to acknowledge the power in her persona.
But her might, often misjudged.
So she found her expression in her clothes and her choicest BVLGARI adornments.
She is you, she is me, she is Sona.

_DSC7605 _DSC7580

I personally feel closest to the character of ‘Sona’.


Delicate Is Delightful!
Jewellery that makes a statement need not be chunky.
Gem colours like carnelian red, lapis blue and tourquoise with diamonds make these pendants and rings a conversation starter.
Totally love the moving gems on the rings. All from @bulgariofficial’s Diva’s Dream Collection.

_DSC7521 _DSC7473

BVLGARI-India stories is a three part series of Indian aesthetics and a fluidic amalgamation of jewellery and accessories from an Italian brand.

Stay tuned to meet Sona!

Until then,

xo-cq no background



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