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15 December

#HeByHer (Men Fashion) : How To Look Dapper For A Brunch/Party.


Dear gentle-boys & gentle-men,

So I did take a while to come up with another edition of #HeByHer. Blame my travel plans & Word Press! For some weird reason the blog went offline and inaccessible. The sudden change in Delhi winter surly playing its part as well ! Talking of Delhi and how unsafe it is, this being a ‘Men’ centric post i would just like to say that if every brother, husband, father tries to protect his own sisters, wife, daughters & female friends Delhi will be much safer.

Those who tuned in for the first time to #HeByHer.

HeByHer is all about men’s style and fashion from a perspective of a woman! A pre-set fashion bible for men to know what exactly needs to be done to woo the lady. Fashion-Food-Fitness are all the other F’s that you may not understand but certainly know that it makes your charming lady kick! Real style advice for real guys or lets just say for anyone who has the love for dressing up!

So gentle-gender like I mentioned last time, before every look on HeByHer blog post I will tell you some things that are down right unavoidable in the effort to look good and be her dream man. I like to call them ‘The Fashion Comic-Con’. Today I treat you with another two-

Mr. Flintstones: Unlike Mr. Flintstones try some shoes on and I mean nicely polished and neat shoes. Invest in few (not one please) good pair of basic colour shoes & sneakers like tan brown, back and white. Trust me she sees way below your belt!

Batman & Robin: Don’t shop alone if you new at it. Take a ‘female’ friend or girl friend for advice. And the best part- your gf will be more happy by the suggestion of accompanying you rather than just ‘SHOPPING’ for a change.

Now coming back to the look of the day. Its everything that will make you look ‘dapper’.

I see-hear people over using the word dapper without proper utilisation or understanding. Dapper means smart-crisp-well dressed. You can replicate todays look for a lovely sunny brunch or a buzzing night party.

In this look balance is the key, balancing of colour, print & accessories in the entire outfit. If you are a first timer to multiple layering (a shirt with pullover & jacket) its very essential to keep just one of the layer in print (like the shirt in the pictures below).

You can never go wrong in pairing jewel tones with tan/brown family. I believe brown goes with every colour or is it that every colour goes with brown!

Don’t be stunned by the ankle boots. They add the appeal of a rockstar yet being a gentlemen.

Lets get to the look (few drum rolls for our #HeByHer muse please :)

DSC_5099hebyherDSC_5136DSC_5157DSC_5142 copyDSC_5140 copyhebyherDSC_5168 copyDSC_5150 copyhebyher

Outfit Details: 

Casual Choco Brown Jacket: STITCH
White Checkered Shirt: BOGGI
Purple Pullover: Benetton
Navy Pants: High Street, London
Time wear: GRAHM
Pocket Square: Satya Paul
Rose Lapel Pin: Rose Jewellery
Tan Ankle Shoes: Clarks

Hope you like it and try the look!

Until then,


xo-cq no background

As seen on: Kavee Singh Gujral
Photography & Words: Sukhneet Wadhwa

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  • Abhinav
    8 years ago

    Hi Sukhneet, from where I can buy or have look on another available lapel pins from Rose Jewellery.
    Thanks, Abhinav

    • Ms. Coco Queen
      8 years ago

      Hey Abhinav, this was part of a limited edition. But you can find similar on asos.com

  • Sameer
    7 years ago

    Awesome! I loved the shoes and blazer.

  • Eshika Roy
    6 years ago

    Thank you for posting this helpful blog on the best clothes to wear in a brunch party. This blog will serve as a pointer to a lot of people who are looking advise for the perfect brunch wear. Looking forward to reading more amazing posts in the future.


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