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06 December

#Giveaway- Ms. Quirk Queen ’13

quirk queen finla 2Yohoooo !!

Ms. Coco Queen’s first ever giveaway people !! Ain’t you excited !? Woww…I’ve never been so elated in giving away goodies I myself would loveee to keep it ūüėõ

So what calls for this celebration? Well nothing much nothing more but this giveaway is a kiss with a bow for all those lovely peeps out there who have never missed a chance to appreciate and encourage my work and me. I think this token of thank you was long awaited.

So without much happy blabbering from me lets get to what you need to do to win this giveaway and to know whats in store!


{ Ms. Quirk Queen 2013 }


1. What you need to do?

Inbox me your fav quirky photo (quirky= wacky, fun, unconventional) @ mail@mscocoqueen.com (Stoppp, don’t rush to your ‘my picture’ folder now, read ahead)

2. What your friends need to do?


Get your friends to some work now. Command your friends to like/share  your picture. Along with that each friend needs to like Ms. Coco Queen & Quirk Box FACE BOOK page as well , then only the like on your picture will be counted. ( This is important okay!)

3. Whats for grab?

One lucky chica with highest the numbers of ¬†likes wins a super cool Quirk Box Jacket, Gets professionally styled-photographed & featured on Ms. Coco Queen & of course takes away the Ms. Quirk Queen’13 title.

We have a runner up too! Chica with second highest likes wins a super chic Quirk Box Vest ! 

4. What will Ms. Coco Queen do?

I will be posting your quirky pictures on Ms. Coco Queen Facebook page and see your friends are following point above.


Tips To Be the Winner ! (Pssh… Pssh…)¬†

  • More The Merrier– This goes with out saying, get more and more of your friends to like the Ms. Coco Queen & Quirk Box FB page and your photo. And brighten your chances to win!
  • Show Me Love- Share/Tag/Follow Ms. Coco Queen on Twitter (twitter.com/mscocoqueen) & Instagram (instagram.com/mscocoqueen) as well.
  • Love Thy Neighbor- Get your friends to enter the contest too.

Voting Begins On 9th December 2013.

Voting Closes at 00:00 17th December 2013.


A big shout out for the quirkiest sponsor Quirk Box. Thanks for the love and of course the goodies :)

Okay now send in you photos NOW !!!

Oh I got mail…Laters.


xo-cq photoshop copy




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