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30 April

#FoodPorn: Haute Food With GourmetItUp !

Hey Epicureans!

What comes to your mind when I say GOURMET FOOD? Is it fancy, experimental, expensive and non pronounceable dishes on the menu? As Mr. Wiki explains ‘Gourmet may describe a class of restaurant, cuisine, meal or ingredient of high quality, of special presentation, or high sophistication. Wow..Okay let me put it this way- if street fashion is like street food then haute couture is like haute food aka Gourmet food!

Todays edition of #foodporn is quite interesting. It will not only expose you to great gourmet food but an experience gourmet class. From the simplest way to pre book a table to a concierge at your service!

So lets give a warm welcome to ‘GourmetItUp’. After 150 special curated menus for 75 restaurants across Mumbai and Pune and many happy stomachs – GourmetItUp launches in Delhi! Yohooo!

So what does GourmetItUp do? GourmetItUp aint just a website where you can pre book a table but its an initiative to create an experience to be remembered for many meals to come. A pre curated, pocket friendly, fine dining experience for foodies who are afraid of either the price point or don’t know which dish to order. The well curated menu is balanced with both popular and more experimental dishes by Deepa Jain.

Shiro, Diva Kitch, Rara Avis, Guppy by Ai, Olive Bistro are already partners with GourmetItUp. The special curated menu is available at all above mentioned restaurants, only when you pre-book a table at GourmetItUp!

I went to S Bar {formally know as Shalom} in GK1, another GourmetItUp partner to have a taste of their 3 Course Lunch Experience.

DSC_1016 copy

S-Bar serves Mediterranean food hence the GourmetItUp menu was mediterranean based. The term mediterranean is quite self explanatory, its a cuisine based on foods that have traditionally been consumed by communities situated along the Mediterranean sea. So food from Italy, Greece, Turkey, or an exotic island in the Mediterranean together make the Mediterranean cuisine.

The robust flavours of Mediterranean cuisine are very popular in India and thanks to the initiative taken up by GourmetItUp you don’t have to fly all the way  to experience great quality authentic flavours . Its available at a click of a button.

Visit GourmetItUp and simply select your city, choice of cuisine & make a reservation.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 1.26.47 pm

And honestly it was all worth it. The experience was great!

First come in our choice of appetisers: Fattoush (V), Goat Meat Cheese Tarts (NV) & Cheese Sambosik (V). The appetisers were quite appetising! They certainly were scrumptious yet filled my stomach to be left with a bigger appetite.

The Fattoush is a vegetarian salad from the part of the land that gave us Hummus and Shawarma. Greens and vegetables when mixed with dried, crunchy pita gives us Fattoush. The one served at S-Bar had lemony light dressing, crunchy greens and crispy seasoned pita on top aka a perfect salad to begin with.

DSC_1023cc copy

Soon came in the Goat Meat Cheese Tart. Baked to perfection, the pastry was thin and brittle. Cheddar cheese oozing out and goat meat cooked to excellence.


And like one thing leads to another- one cheese lead to another! Before we placed the main course we ordered another appetiser the Cheese Sambosik with paprika ‘sweet’ dip. The first bite was quite salty but with the dip balanced it out well.

DSC_1045 copy

The lusty Mediterranean flavours lingered as we waited for our main course- Grilled Fish With Lemon Mustard Sauce, Tangy Lamb Herb Koresh with Cous Cous and Mushroom Ragout.

The grilled fish as accompanied by mashed potato, a half baguette and veggies. The fish was grilled beautifully and the sides especially the potato mash tasted great. Not many get the mash right but they do! The butter oozing out of the home made parsley bread was a site I still salivate on.DSC_1057 copyDSC_1054 copy

Coming to the lamb, it certainly fell a little short on the menu. The curry was good but the meat was undercooked to my preference. Apart from the paring with cous cous there was nothing gourmet about it.

DSC_1068 copysDSC_1070 copy

With forgettable lows comes salvaging ups. For peeps out there who don’t relish mushrooms should try this out. The mushroom ragout {ra-gu} rested like comfort food on my taste buds {i know mushroom and comfort are two words hard to find in a same sentence} but really the soothing white sauce with fresh mushrooms and chopped veggies tasted divine.

DSC_1076 copy

With happy bellies we anticipated the desserts. They certainly came as another high point in the entire GourmetItUp experience! Man I still droll over those rich textured, flavourful gigantic scoops of  cinnamon and espresso ice-creams.

DSC_1090 copyDSC_1084 copy

The Baklava paired with a scoop of vanilla and sugar crispy tasted great too. It was so fresh and light that I could clearly see the fine layers. I couldn’t believe that all these desserts were prepared at S-Bar itself.

DSC_1094 copy

The price point was much lower in comparison to similar set of dishes present in the A la carte, almost like 30%.  And prompt service. All in all the experience was great! I believe the concierges at GourmetItup certainly ensure great quality check and high service levels promised by partner restaurant. A friendly concierge desk that accepts special requests and points in the Gourmet Rewards program! What more can one ask for!!

Hunger bingies click away and book your S-bar lunch experience right away. {Click here to book}

Hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did.

Until next time,


xo-cq no background



Written, Photographed & Experience by: Sukhneet W. Gujral 

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