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04 December

#EventoModa: Cosmopolitan & TRESemm

Hey all,

Like at ‘almost’ every A+ designer’s fashion show, there are parties that happen before the show and then there are parties that happen post the show but who knew the bona fide fun lies at the one that happens BACKSTAGE ?!
Merci to Cosmopolitan India’s & TRESemm’s bril idea of hosting a party in between the backstage frenzy, we got a taste of all the gusto (along with the hard work of course) that goes behind a fashion show.


This backstage stage party was like being part of a fun ‘behind the scenes’ movie clip. Models laughing-smiling, indulging in strawberry dipped cocoa, energy bars, some getting their hair & make up & others chilling in bath robs and hot hair rollers!


The mood was just set right, just like a live theatre! An authentic backstage area at fashion week with clothes racks, mood boards, make-up stations and three giant screens playing some Cosmopolitan’s favorite shows from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week including Falguni & Shane Peacock, Rebecca Minkoff, and Vivienne Tam. Models rushed about getting their make-up done and hair styled by TRESemme professionals, practiced routines directed by choreographers (played by theatre actors!), and were fitted for gorgeous Falguni & Shane Peacock outfits from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

DSC_8914DSC_8855 (1){{ Giant screens playing Cosmos favorite shows from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week }}

DSC_8940DSC_8880DSC_8912DSC_8902cosmo tresseme event{{ Models in Falguni & Shane Peocock’s Spring-Summer ’14 collection }}


With a feel of rugged, temporarily constructed arena, just like at fashion weeks,  The Foyer on One Style Mile was the place to be and the food was to die for ! Strawberry & Cream, Chocolates, Smokes, Bruchetta, Gourmet Pizza, Salads……I ate like a pumbaa 😛

DSC_8931{{ Bruschetta }}

DSC_8930{{ Model-Portion Salad Plates }}

DSC_8937{{ Smokes! :O }}

DSC_8947{{ Gourmet Pizza}}

Along with great food & music a ‘party’ turns into a ‘super party’ when you have happy faces around. Designers- JJ Valaya, Anju Modi, Falguni & Shane Peacock,  Shantanu & Nikhil Mehra, Anupama Dayal, Gaurav Gupta, Amit Aggarwal, Thenny Mejia, Raakesh Agarvwal, Rina Dhaka, Nida Mahmood, Josh Goraya, Pranav Mishra, Shyma Shetty. Bloggers- Akanksha Redhu, Rashna Bhasin, DSB team and  of course the pretty Comso India clan- Nandini Bhalla, Priyam Chaturvedi, Vasudha Rai, Meher Bajwa, Tanima Khosla, Neha Bhasin attended the parrrttyy!!

Nandini Bhalla, Editor, Cosmopolitan, summed it up: €œIf there are two things a Cosmo girl loves, it’s a great fashion party€”and fabulous hair! Which is why we were thrilled to partner with TRESemme and Mercedez Benz Fashion Week to put together this unique backstage-theme party. The fashion week-style ambience, New York warehouse feel, quirky finger food, and cool people made it an unforgettable night!

Over the last sixty five years, TRESemme is helping women look great through out the world. And we fashionistas got lucky when HUL brought TRESemme to India earlier this year.  DSC_8824 (1){{ TRESemme’s Range of Hair Products}}

DSC_8839 (1)DSC_8922

There were many arrant hairstyles in the making. My fav was the back combed quiff. This super-sleek look is perfect for both a working day or a night out in town. With fashionable job like mine one often needs to head to a hip party/event straight from work space and this hairdo can be the knight in the shining armor, making you look effortlessly stylish!

cosmo tresseme event1{{ Back-Combed Quiff Hair-Do}}

Lets take a look how this hairdo can be achieved in simple 3 steps!

1. First, prep it right by washing and conditioning hair with the TRESemme Climate Protection range to keep your style intact. Then blow dry with your hair flipped upside down to add volume

2. Once your hair is reasonably straight and dry, mark out the front section with a tail comb and clip it up on your head for later. Then take the rest of the hair back into a neat, medium high pony, making sure that the sides of the head are smooth and combed well.

3. Un-clip the front section and start back-combing it. Do this by dividing it into horizontal sections, and teasing each section gently to add volume. Once all the hair is teased, smoothen the top with a brush, and pin hair back, sweeping the tail around the grip holding the pony intact.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed being part of it.

Thank you Cosmo India for having me over,

Untill next,


xo-cq photoshop copy




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