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16 April

An Evening in Paris @ Les Parisiennes


The music of 1940’s opera, the smell of freshest Quiche, the fashion like that of the famed– Welcome to Les Parisiennes!
Pronounced as Lay-pa-ri-zien, it refers to the women who lives in Paris. LP is a warm yet exuberant French place in the midst of South Delhi’s bijou roads of Shahpur Jat. For those who cherish the modest ways of life….
Tour De Les Parisiennes viewers !


Those who have been to Paris or other parts of France know that, most sublime cafe’s and stores are found in the most bijou yet spun out roads of the city.
Like wise when you enter Shahpur Jat and hit the petite roads of Dada Jungi House, LP is just there on your left. With black and white monochrome walls and gate and plush green plants in one corner to a snug-ie couch on the other, you know you are about to an era far gone but not forgotten.
LP is a ‘feel good’ french cafe + a vintage chic boudoir. Along with a great story of its inception, LP offers a wide variety of customized vintage women’s wear, a menswear label of their own, household items, French food and the most economical way for you to reach and experience Paris !
Meet Catherine Prakash and Lucie Salaun, first friends then the co-owners of Les Parisiennes.
Photo Cath-Lucie


Catherine has been living in India for almost 12 years now and Lucie, 5.

Realty where LP is situated is same where Lucie use to stay when she first shifted to India. A small party at her house with few other french guests is how these two French ladies first met and the idea of a concept store bubbled in their minds.

Lucie is an interior designer and a fashion stylist. Catherine has her own fashion buying house and currently working with many french designers.

So this is how LP Looks from the inside !! Opps ! Did I miss words like ‘Earlier’ ‘past’ ‘former’ !??


Believe it or not but its true. LP is build inside a Haveli, constructed way back in the 1920’s-30’s. From a old haveli to a warehouse, workshop for embroiders and much later as Lucie’s house, this building was in a extremely bad, next to ruins state. It was when Lucie convinced the conservative landlords of the haveli and what came to life was this………(no magic, just click the next button!  )

Was THIS !!
I couldn’t believe my eyes when Carole Renucci (another pretty french lady who looks after the Marketing @ Les Parisiennes and my guide for the day) showed me those repugnant ‘before’ pictures!
Its like a Phoenix rising from its ashes. Of course, the haveli being a house before had its own beautiful features but this goes without saying that the colossal talent like that of Lucie’s can only recreate such a beautiful place.So french yet so in India !
The furniture at the store is very retro and all vintage. Every piece is dented-painted-renovated to meet the French aesthetics.
Every piece in the store is so well thought and rightly placed that each piece speaks its own story.
paris10 copy
As soon as one enters, after the decor the second thing your eyes automatically find way thru are the beautiful clothes. Both, Catherine and Lucie decide the kind of pieces to buy. Lucie has the eye for beautiful pieces gone wrong. She buys them, recreate them in such a way that they look as if they have come from Paris itself.
Aahh the best part….tired of shopping? cant walk any further to grab a bite or to soak your drenched throat? Look no further but sit right there !! LP has its in house cafe!! With french food, drinks and desserts on their menu, what more to ask for !!
Voilaaa Mademoiselle !
Each day sees a new menu and made from scratch in the LP kitchen. From salads to different kinds of Quiche, bagel, pasta and soup in winters and cakes, fresh fruit tarts, all is prepared in house by their chef who worked for a french family in France and speaks fluent French!
“Every home in France cooks great food and we at LP try to give a feeling like that of home as our dishes are inspired from recipes our mums use to make back home when we were kids. Hence the menu is not to extensive but very french and fresh !’ says Carole Renucci.
They also serve lavazza coffee, juices and tea from Mittal teas, Sunder Nagar.
paris 20
Time flew quick and I was hungry  ! Carole ordered a bacon quiche and a black current tea for me along with a Shahpur Jat map. (Map! Really!? For Delhiites? was my first reaction, but we will come to that later, first its FOoOoD  )
So came my hot, dense looking quiche with sesame salad on the side. After a few shots of the dish I sat to indulge. MmmmMmmMMmmm…..So fluffyyy, bursting every flavor of bacon, cream ,cheese, egg and thin patty like a fire bud. Salad played a good supporting roll to balance the pungent flavor of the cheese in the quiche. As for the black current tea, the fragrancy was just divine but tasted just like HOT WATER!!! should have tried the juice….
paris 22
So the Map !! Must say an impressive initiative.
Like Carole mentioned, not long ago, after LP opened in 2011 many (read MANY) new stores opened up in Shahpur Jat. Which called for a map for easy pin point of these brilliant new stores. Initiated by Catherin & Lucie from Les Parisiennes, Olivia from Olivia Dar jewellery, Puneet from Second Floor Studio, Shruti from Lila, Vivita from The wishing Chair and Alecca Carrano this is Shahpur Jat’s very own map and that also in 2nd edition. Colorful, easy with many more landmarks.paris21After all the bites and more chit chats with Carole, we got up for a look around….
LP isnt a small place like many stores in Shahpur. Its diversified into many tiers- Vintage boudoir, a beautiful passage, a glass roofed mens section along with household items, cafe and kids tier.
The Vintage Tier.
Pieces are customized at the workshop which is situated inside the store. Some had wrong sleeve length, an unnecessary collar or some had a over long hem line. After all changes a beautiful french looking apparel is achieved.
paris13 copy
The Cafe Tier.
For all the time I spent there, except for a few Indian faces, all I could see were foreigners either enjoying a coffee on their own or a group catching up over tea and desserts.
The crockery tier.
And look who I had the pleasure to meet, the owners of the L’Opera ( O-pay-ra) patisserie themselves. These two happy faces from the Samandari family in Paris just love LP. We love the atmosphere here, we don’t miss Paris when here, said the duo.
One striking part of the decor was the innumerable and impeccable use of mirrors every where!
paris11 copy
A broken Piano.
paris 14
Old crockery.
Though kids-wear ain’t vintage but had great collection unlike the usual kid stores in Delhi.
Stardust is a kids apparel brand, headed by Carole Renucci, available at LP. All the proceeds from this brand goes to a French charity based in India named Montague which works for the underprivileged women and children in India.
My fav vintage pieces available at the store and Carole working on the styling for the shoot.
paris19Mag Marie Claire loves LP and carries out regular feature of their vintage clothes.
Books, Jewelry, Stationery, old trunks, lamp shades, vintage sunglasses, bed linen, candle stand they have anything and everything one can ask for.
paris15 copy
Shop till you fall and refuel for another drop but in French style !. The USP of Les Parisiennes.
For once it genuinely felt like being in Paris and not Delhi. The food, people, decor and over all ambience leaves no stone unturned to make you feel at home, IN PARIS. I loved every bit hope you all too. Thank you Les Parisiennes for having me over! xx
xo-cq photoshop copy

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