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15 December

#24HoursInTheCity: Delhi In Lee Jeans.


Lets start today’s post with a few Q&A

You love to travel?
You love to explore secret places?
Greece, Prague, Paris top your ‘Places to visit before I die’ list?


Have you ever strut in your own city like a traveller?
Hometown, where you studied, now working or just married to! I mean we might consider ourselves ‘travellers’, exploring different cities across the country or globe but just somehow miss out on doing so in a city we spend the most time {I know you have enough excuses running in your brains already, don’t you :P}
Well such was a case with me at least. Hence I went onto exploring my very own Dilli with fellow Delhi bloggers Aien & Sarthak.

With #24Hour plans come comfy clothes and to be precise very comfy denims! LEE equipped us well for our 4 top To-Do things in Delhi- #RiseInYourCity // #RideYourCity // #ExploreSecretPlace // #StretchYourNight

Lets take a look:


Delhi / Chandni Chowk / @ 7:25am

On a usual day I get up around 9-930am {Yep early risers, I love sleeping}. Slurping through my lemon-honey water and gaining all social gyaan on Facebook, by this time the world is already up and about. Kids catching up to school busses, people on their way to offices, autos and motorcycle bhaiya’s skipping every red light possible. The hustle bustle is quite evident from my veranda. This fact is anyhow not unknown for a metro city like Delhi where time waits for none and the city is like a massive GIF that keeps repeating itself again and again.

So when we went to Chandni Chowk, just after the sunrise, the inside streets told a different tale about Delhi.

Quaint, moody, peaceful. Three words that perfectly describe those empty streets. The new born sun light making its way through closely knit buildings made every spot so calm yet alive.



Delhi / Chandni Chowk / @ 8:00am

We moved ahead, near the main road. Where breakfast is the most important meal for us with elaborate calorie counts to meet. People at every nook and corner of Chandni chowk waited patiently for that single cup of tea brewing in the pan to over flow and turned down just before it spills! That tea with a piece of hot kachori for some is all they need to head start their day. I still palpate on that kachori & chai combination!



Delhi / Chandni Chowk / @ 8:50am

After that spicy crispy kachori and garam chai we spotted the famous Jalebi Wala to balance our palate. Though I’ve never had so much sweets so early in the day but indulging in them was just as much part of me rising with my city- Dilli!




Delhi / North Campus / 11:30 am

One of my fondest memories of attending college in Delhi university was the endless rickshaw rides from college to Kamla Nagar market or SRCC for photocopy notes. Metro rides from home- college and back or metro station chilling with chai pe charcha sessions at the nescafe counter in Vishwa Vidyalaya station. And not to miss the ongoing bad stares we use to give to those auto bhaiya’s who refuse to take us.

Metro, U special buses, auto, rickshaw, bicycle and now the new e-rickshaw, if you want to explore and ride Delhi come to north campus. It was a nostalgia trip when Aien & I hopped on to a rick for a ride and later took the all new fancy e-rick to explore secret places of Delhi.

DSC_8749{Aien & I Having A Good Laugh On A Rick}

DSC_8739DSC_8742DSC_8746{Delhi U-Special Bus}

DSC_8772{Head For Next Pit Spot In A E-Rick}



Delhi / Little Tibet / 4 pm

Vibrant, flapping prayer flags all over this tiny neighbourhood in north delhi charmed us as a welcoming path to explore the secret side of Delhi.

Delhi’s Little Tibet or locally know as Majnu Ka Tilla, this place has a stance so different from rest of the city. Some of you may have been here before or like me, just heard about it. But going inside this Tibetan refugee colony is like exploring a secret space, where you find a comforting disconnect to the city problems! Each flag has a different texture and a tale of its own. Inscription with sacred mantras they purify the air where ever hung as the hustling winds distribute positive to the environment.



Delhi / Little Tibet / 5pm

Steaming momo’s to local Tibetan vendors, the Buddhist monastery or the popular food joints. Sarthak, Aien and I first hit onto the food part and went to The Big Apple followed by the popular AMA cafe. A popular Tibetan food joint we indulged ourselves to spicy Tibetan food where Aien introduced me to Tingmo bread. Later we went to AMA cafe for its famous desserts and teas. If good food makes you happy go to MkT.

DSC_8894{Sarthak, Aien & I At AMA Cafe}




Delhi / India Gate / 9:30 pm

Exhausted and tired but we stretched our night and reached the last leg of our #24hoursInYourCity at India Gate.


I mean 24 hours in Delhi and no talks about India Gate or Connaught Place! India gate has a special place in very Delhi kid’s heart. Late night rides for an ice cream or chuski. Buying balloons or blowing out bubbles. After Majnu Ka Tilla it certainly shock me back to the real Delhi scene.

Delhi / India Gate / 10:30 pm


As city lights surrendered to bright shiny moon light, twas time for us to head home! Indeed an experience of a kind. Ive never shot for straight 15 hours and see Delhi like I did this time.

Hope you enjoyed this special post.

Until then,

xo-cq no background



Photographed By: Krishna Angira {Some of Krishna’s amazing work}
Words & Styled By: Sukhneet Wadhwa

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  • Tarry
    7 years ago

    I have been born and raised in this gorgeous city too Sukhneet and reading your blog was like a moment of nostalgia for me. WOnderful post

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  • phashionbug
    7 years ago

    Visiting Delhi through your post was fun. I am not a Delhiite but its one of most favorite cities for food and shopping :-) You are gorgeous and loved your styling. Cheers and stay blessed- xx


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